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Cemetery: St. Joseph's- Circleville
  For example: Smith, George A.

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Image Map Name Date of Death
Abernethy, Dorothy S. 00/00/1984
Abernethy, John A. 00/00/1972
Allen, Kenneth Lee 03/08/1999
Allen, Lucy
Allison, Gerald 03/26/2015
Allison, Rose Marie 05/05/2004
Alvarez, Carlos Barriere 03/11/2011
Alvarez, Jacqueline S. 01/01/2019
Armstrong, Ann L. 08/06/1941
Armstrong, Lucille Rooney 00/00/1956
Armstrong, Mark O'Dell 11/19/1983
Arnold, Clarence E. 06/14/1971
Arnold, Edward
Ballou, Barbara Jo 12/16/1987
Ballou, Jarrett M. 04/12/1992
Baranick Sr., Richard J. 01/01/2018
Barnhart, Robert Leland 06/30/2010
Barthelmas, Charles 00/00/1916
Barthelmas, Sadie 00/00/1929
Bass, Bernadette M. 11/25/1991