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Cemetery: St. Joseph's- Circleville
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Bass, Brian Keith 09/27/2010
Bass, Charlene A. 09/03/2000
Bass, Dana 09/14/2003
Bass, David 10/12/2017
Bass, Henry
Bass, Melvin Jr
Bayer, Bessie M. 10/25/1963
Bayer, Frederick E. 00/00/1974
Bayer, G.C.
Bayer, Matilda
Beaver, Marguerite Brown 07/13/1929
Bell, Thomas Bernard 02/20/1953
Bella, Andrew J. 12/03/1991
Bella, Brigitta Veronica 01/28/2000
Berens, Helen C. 01/31/2014
Bialy, Mildred Lindoro 11/20/2005
Bidwell, Clyde Joseph 07/27/2011
Bidwell, Frances E. 01/15/2012
Billups, Antoinette Ann 07/29/1967
Binkley, Alma 10/02/2012
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